Summer prints!

Hey guys! Happy Hump day! It is of course Wednesday, and I thought I’d bless this blog with another blog post. Except this time it’s going to be mainly about body positivity. I personally am super touchy about this subject and lately I have been trying to perfect all my pictures to an extreme extent. The outcome of that was completely negative and I personally have always had big hips and curves . I’m also a bit on the thick side but I love my body and you all should as well!

Moving on Dianna, before we completely go on a rant.. SUMMER IS COMING! Which means more floral prints and brighter colors. I also decided to put some of my favorite pieces together and I hope you all get a little bit of Inspo from these outfits! So get out of your sweats at home and have a little me time . Especially if you just got done with finals, enjoying the summer weather wherever you all are!





My Fav Local Shop



Hey guys!  I decided to do a series about my favorite local shops and show you all where my favorite places to shop, eat and hang out are!

Todays favorite local place is called “The Souk” in Manhattan beach , Ca . I personally know the owner and she is the best! She’s such an inspiring woman, and she actually has her own blog !

Lenoras Blog!

The Souk features beautiful hand-made products for you and your home ranging from ceramics, rugs and blankets to children’s clothes and unique accessories. Walk into “The Souk” and be transported to a far away land full of beautiful hand-made gems!

The souk is actually all handmade products from North Africa. These products are all handmade by women and are super boho as well as tribal.


The Souk


Los Angeles Cali Eat’s



So recently, I was in Los Angeles, and discovered this insane local place in china town. Let me just start off with , if you ever come to L.A , please give this place a try! It was incredible. I ended up ordering Chicken and pork bao which is actually like a taco except a bun instead of a tortilla. The inside is sprinkled with green onions and peanuts. DONT JUDGE UNTIL YOU TRY! I also ordered there famous Taro fries and I was just in awe.

I will make sure to link it down below for all of you to try!

Bao Haus


Organization At It’s Finest!

Lets face it! We are all NOT organized. Well maybe some of you try and stay organized but we all get super busy with our daily lives that when we get home that pile of clothes is haunting us . Ive had those days before, I’m either too busy or I am just living life !

Well not today! Today I want to share my tips on how to stay organized .

Here are my top 5 tips on staying organized!

  1. Put everything away as soon as you get home, none of us ever do that because we all get super carried away. But its time to at least try it! 
  2. Make your bed when you wake up, I hate this one and I completely suck at it but theres something about making my bed that gets me smiling in the morning.


3. Keep something to write with handy! It works! I always have a list of things I need to do especially with blogging, I constantly have new ideas !


4.Make a to-do list for the day, If you guys go to school just add it to your daily planner!

5. Keep your planner up-to-date. If you don’t have a planner , get one ASAP ;Target, Walmart etc they all have these planners to stay organized! That way your brain will be able to take a break.


I hope all of you take at least 1 tip from this list and try it out, I promise it will make the difference!


Just A Dash Of Chic

Happy Mothers day ! I hope you are all enjoying today and getting to spend it with your loved ones. I decided to start showing you all more of my style and how I would normally pair things up. I hope this gives you all some inspiration and helps you piece your outfits together easily! I know I always have somewhat of a hard time pairing things up and I have those day where I literally have no clothes to wear. So I thought I’d create a blog post every week to and post some outfit pics of some of my favorite pieces. Also while I was doing this shoot , my adorable dog, hero wanted to be in all the pictures we were taking so he ended up modeling for you all! 💋




My Biggest fan wanted to be a model today. His name is Hero.

Origins Skincare Event


Hey guys! Thank you for everything! To all my readers and instagram followers , I am so grateful, I recently got invited to attend an event in Los Angeles,Ca . Origins will be hosting this event and I will be attending . I am so excited to meet all of you! If you are in the L.A area make sure to come there will be free goodies from their skincare line ! Can’t wait to see all of you there!!
Event details:

10250 Santa Monica blvd , Los Angeles CA

May 5th : 5pm-8pm

May 6th : 12pm-3pm

Oldies but goodies





It is the middle of march guys and I have yet to plan a million adventures and crazy things I’d love to do!

It turns out I have to postpone the moving, and stay In the South Bay Area after all. Even thought I am sad about not being able to move , I am super excited about all the trips I am currently planning! Make sure you are subscribed to my youtube account! To catch up on my life and all my adventures and if your interested in beauty and fashion I also have a lot of those videos coming up! We have all heard the saying oldies but goodies. If you haven’t its okay , let me explain. An oldie is something that hasn’t died out . it can be an object or a style etc. Here are some of my oldies but goodies. I can’t explain how long Ive had this diary . Its probably the only thing that keeps me sane from my crazy life. And by crazy I mean trying to fit everything into one. I got this rack from Ikea and decided to clean my closet up. I found so many items that I had gotten great deals on that I decided to do a thrift haul blog post! And maybe Vlog video!

I hope you guys enjoyed todays post!

Love ya!

My Fav Look Of The Month!


Hey guys , today has been a crazy day but I just had to spill my tea to you all on this simple but super cute dress from cotton on! This is my go to dress when I am stuck in my closet and can’t find a single thing to wear.We have all been there! I decided to pair this dress with a simple denim long sleeve shirt and tied that around my waist to add a little more to this dress! I hope you’ve all had a great Friday so far!



Beauty Review!


Hey guys! It has been a long time!

Today I am doing a beauty review!!

I always need a good lipstick, if its on the way out or just to give my outfit or my makeup look for that day a little more oomph!

Im also a huge fanatic when it comes to trying out knew products , recently I discovered Penelope cosmetics. They donate $1 to a child in need fund around the globe for every purchase thats made.These lipsticks finally arrived to my home and they are amazing!

The texture is super soft and goes on smoothly , not only that but the colors I chose were incredible and went with my style!

I love neutral colors when it comes to wearing an everyday lipstick or trying any kind of makeup look ,hence the everyday. I love to step it up a notch when its a day out and these lipsticks not only smelled great but the color finish was incredibly pigmented . The colors were neutral because I personally chose them but I did decide to add a darker wine color!

I hope you guys enjoyed my review! Let me know if you would love to see more in the comments below! Also whats your fav lipstick? I would to try others! I also left the link down below to shop these lipsticks!


Shope below for these gorgeous lips colors!




Useful Blogging Tips!

There are so many blogging tips out there that I’m sure half of you have read. But today I thought I’d share my own and see what you guys think in the comment section down below! These are the top ten blogging tips Ive learned throughout my experience as a blogger. I know I’m not a total expert but  I hope you all take at least one of these blogging tips to heart and find them as helpful as I have!



When I say to “be yourself” I mean don’t be someone your not, I know you can portray anyone you want. But is that really you? I enjoy being true to myself on my blog and youtube channel. I am me and well.. theres nobody else like me! so be YOU! That is who everyone


None of these will happen overnight, and your patience might run out just a tiny bit! So make sure to never give up. If this is what you love, then do it. For me, this is a hobby and I love doing it!


Some internet trolls might just try to bring you down. Truist me, I thought about this before I started a youtube channel and it drove me insane. But you know what? I finally just did it and dealt with it anyway. You’re not here for them , you create content for your readers and because you love to do it! Don’t forget that!


Like #1 said be  yourself, well being genuine is only adding to being yourself but it’s still very important. Be creative with whatever content you are creating! Don’t forget to try new things!


Network, network, network. I can’t emphasize that enough. I personally love to collab, especially if we have the same style or even theme. Always be open to collaborations and  don’t ever be afraid to ask anyone. A super quick little secret,we all started the same way.


I chose Lifestyle because I can do various things with that theme. But some of you might have better beauty advice or fashion tips. Hey! share it with the world!


No one built a following by staying quiet. Trust me, your readers want you to comment back . I honestly love interacting with my followers and readers it’s one of the many perks that comes with being a blogger and youtuber, so take advantage of it!


Be consistent and if you can’t schedule everything out and dedicate one day to however many blog posts you have that week or month . But keep being consistent , if you don’t everything will fall and no one will really keep up[ with your stuff.


If you’re a blogger or youtuber or you want to grow your instagram following , a camera will help you so much more! I personally use my  Canon eos T6i which helps me so much more especially to film. Make sure you purchase a good camera and practice.


Okay yeah, I know there’s a bunch of people who blew up overnight and hey, that might be you! But if it isn’t, make sure to be patient don’t double check your analytics. Give it time, and be consistent.

I hope you guys found all of these super helpful! Until next time !