My Fav Local Shop



Hey guys!  I decided to do a series about my favorite local shops and show you all where my favorite places to shop, eat and hang out are!

Todays favorite local place is called “The Souk” in Manhattan beach , Ca . I personally know the owner and she is the best! She’s such an inspiring woman, and she actually has her own blog !

Lenoras Blog!

The Souk features beautiful hand-made products for you and your home ranging from ceramics, rugs and blankets to children’s clothes and unique accessories. Walk into “The Souk” and be transported to a far away land full of beautiful hand-made gems!

The souk is actually all handmade products from North Africa. These products are all handmade by women and are super boho as well as tribal.


The Souk



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      1. Oopsie😬It did happen to me as well ..I was editing on the blog page and out of nowhere my neice ran in and pressed on the screen..She thought the word publish was something exciting😂


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