Oldies but goodies





It is the middle of march guys and I have yet to plan a million adventures and crazy things I’d love to do!

It turns out I have to postpone the moving, and stay In the South Bay Area after all. Even thought I am sad about not being able to move , I am super excited about all the trips I am currently planning! Make sure you are subscribed to my youtube account! To catch up on my life and all my adventures and if your interested in beauty and fashion I also have a lot of those videos coming up! We have all heard the saying oldies but goodies. If you haven’t its okay , let me explain. An oldie is something that hasn’t died out . it can be an object or a style etc. Here are some of my oldies but goodies. I can’t explain how long Ive had this diary . Its probably the only thing that keeps me sane from my crazy life. And by crazy I mean trying to fit everything into one. I got this rack from Ikea and decided to clean my closet up. I found so many items that I had gotten great deals on that I decided to do a thrift haul blog post! And maybe Vlog video!

I hope you guys enjoyed todays post!

Love ya!


Beauty Review!


Hey guys! It has been a long time!

Today I am doing a beauty review!!

I always need a good lipstick, if its on the way out or just to give my outfit or my makeup look for that day a little more oomph!

Im also a huge fanatic when it comes to trying out knew products , recently I discovered Penelope cosmetics. They donate $1 to a child in need fund around the globe for every purchase thats made.These lipsticks finally arrived to my home and they are amazing!

The texture is super soft and goes on smoothly , not only that but the colors I chose were incredible and went with my style!

I love neutral colors when it comes to wearing an everyday lipstick or trying any kind of makeup look ,hence the everyday. I love to step it up a notch when its a day out and these lipsticks not only smelled great but the color finish was incredibly pigmented . The colors were neutral because I personally chose them but I did decide to add a darker wine color!

I hope you guys enjoyed my review! Let me know if you would love to see more in the comments below! Also whats your fav lipstick? I would to try others! I also left the link down below to shop these lipsticks!


Shope below for these gorgeous lips colors!




Personal New Years Resolutions


Hey guys, I hope you all had a great Christmas as well as New Years.I haven’t been Blogging much just because this month was my birthday as well as my moving month, but a few things got set back that I had to fix. Anyways, I wanted to tell you guys a little bit of my news years resolution! And let you all a little bit into my life besides my Vlogging channel as well as my main channel on youtube. Make sure to subscribe if you guys want to see my weekly videos!











10. ORGANIZE MY LIFE20150124045412_img_1227-1

One of my main goals this year is just to travel, I’m making plans to travel in February, which I am too excited about but ever since I got was little all I remember wanting to do was explore! Also certain circumstances kind of pushed my plans back up just a little bit which means that now I have to wait to move out. Which is fine by me, as long as I do it and it also gives me a little bit of time to focus on vlogging and blogging. Ever since I’ve been super busy, i haven’t spent time with the people I love the most which of course is my family so I’m hoping to see them more often this year! I know I didn’t really do Blogging challenges this year , and since I barley started my youtube channel I didn’t really know what challenges came along with creating video content. But this year I’m so ready to get the hang of it! Take it from me, CONSISTENCY really is key. With this crazy hectic schedule I’m also going to be focusing some more time on myself! Especially what I eat, and how I stay fit. Don’t worry guys! I’ll let you know all the details! Also as a blogger, my photography has been getting better everyday and i’m so grateful! Which means I am so ready to take on some photography classes! And above all stay organized!

I hope you all enjoyed this blog post & got some great ideas for all of your New Years Resolutions! 

ps. My birthday was the 31st of Dec, I finally turned 21!


Starting A Youtube Channel

So recently I decided to start a you tube channel, I was so extremely nervous when I filmed. Starting a you tube channel was on my list for 4 years now but I never got around to it. I will be Vlogging my everyday life once a week , videos will go up every Thursday. I will also be putting up main channel videos which will be up every Sunday! I hope you all enjoy!



10 things you probably didnt know about me…..


Living my everyday life, blogging & working on Vlog’s. I didn’t realize how I haven’t really told you guys the many quirks of myself or the blogger behind the blog 🙂 so I hope this isn’t a late start and I hope you all enjoy! If you have anymore questions you all want to ask or even comments, make sure to comment down below!!!


1. One of my biggest fears is heights, I know I’m not the only one on this! I’m a total buzz kill when it comes to roller coasters. I can’t help but get the creeps even looking down at the floor in the mall , my palms totally start sweating! 


2. India/Morocco/Europe/Japan and Mexico are my top 5 places to travel to first! I just started creating a travel list to my top places and so far these are the ones I’m dying to go to! They all hold a type of mysterious, or exotic vibe. I’ve always been a huge adventure enthusiast and I finally get to travel for these next upcoming years


3. I am a huge Jane The Virgin Fan , like H-U-G-E. I always some how miss the episodes but I totally record them! Make sure to comment down below and let me know what your fav T.V show is???


4. Aeropostale was my first job ever at 16! , I was a sophmore in highschool and decided to finally get a job! Aeropostale is always hiring so I applied and got the job. As far as experience , I actually loved it there, everyone was super nice and it was a great first job!


5. I am currently in school studying Business Management & Marketing. I was studying polisci but I realized I love photography, web design and I’m inlove with Blogging so why not expand it? 


6. My birthday is December 31st!! Woop Woop! For all those Capricorns out there! To answer the questions that always come to people minds…No I don’t get more presents lol I wish! 


7. I played volleyball in highschool. Volleyball is my favorite sport and in highschool that was all I did, my whole world revolved around the sport!


8. One word CHOCOLATEWe all have something that we cant get enough of, mine HAS to be CHOCOLATE. I know its bad for you and all the extra things people say but the word itself say’s it all. That has to be my only addiction. What can I say guys!? Give this girl chocolate and it’s downhill from there.


9. I hate tomatoes ew yuck! I love ketchup though! 


10. I LOVE DOGS. Currently have a dog named “HERO” who I adore , also working on getting a rescue dog 🙂


Hope you all enjoyed this post , have a great weekend!!!

Whats In My Bag?!

 Also i am a super unorganized person as well as super busy. I’m always on the run, when I first picked up this bag I had just gotten a Michael Kor’s bag that was more of a satchel. Since i had a lot of things inside I never really had the time to organize that bag.And then every time I organized my bag it would become messy all over again!

Don’t get me wrong! It was perfect for me ,but sometimes having everything on one shoulder is a bit too much!

 This bag on the other hand! I love it, it’s a huge statement and its black which goes with everything! I bought this bag at Marshall’s it was around $39 by Steve Madden.

 As I said before I am a huge unorganized person lol (Trust me I’m working on it) . I usually wake up early in the morning and have my stuff ready to go and if I’m running late I usually just throw things into my bag all at once…#THESTRUGGLE 

Here of just a few of my essentials………..First up my wallet ,I am super simple when it comes to my wallet I always like to carry something small since I usually only have my I.D & Loose change on me

I got this pink wallet from AERO for $5 🙂

and of course I carry lotion, its a girl thing . Now lets talk about my keys…I’m basically a janitor with all those, I also wear glasses and I’m actually not that blind! My beats are a MUST , I usually walk to work after I park and listen to music on my way down (It relaxes me and gets me super ready for my day) currently my favorite song is “Starving” by Hailee Steinfield, Whats yours?

My pen is a must! to jot down all my blogging ideas and lets not go too into detail about the midol…

I also have this gorgeous handmade beauty bag! 

In my beauty bag, I usually have the perfume I’m currently wearing which in this case is Dolce & Gabbana “ROSA EXCELSA”.

I’m also a huge lip girl, I always have to be wearing a good nude lip color ( L’oreal Paris Julianne’s Nude)or lip gloss(I picked this one up at Victoria Secret a while back I don’t exactly remember it) and if I actually decide to play it up then I have a super cute red color (Elf’s Matte Lipstick “Wine”) last but not least my choice of lip exfoliator and a cute chapstick to go with it and before I put on some lipstick!

 Thanks guys! Hope you all have a super fun Thanksgiving dinner with your families tomorrow !! 🙂

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E.L.F Review + Giveaway

Hope you all are super excited for Thanksgiving next week & also a happy Friday! I’ve had an amazing time so far this month, with my wedding a few days ago (currently working on a wedding blog post to let you all into my life, I am currently trying to finishing a couple of thing’s for this new journey ahead of me. I’d like to do a makeup giveaway of some of my new favorite products!! I wish you all the best of luck 🙂 


My $5 Hair Care Routine

This is totally not going to be a hair care miracle routine because let’s face it sister those split ends are not going away on their own. You’ve damaged your hair to the point in which not even your brush or comb can save you. Trust me , I’ve been there. A while back I use to have really long hair , I grew my hair out so long that It became a part of me and how I showcased my own beauty! ERRR WRONG!! I was desperate to get my hair not only out of my way but fixed. So to my own despair I cut it all off, just like that *poof* gone. But you know what i learned? Your hair doesn’t make you beautiful, it’s the confidence in you and how you portray yourself that does

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