Oldies but goodies





It is the middle of march guys and I have yet to plan a million adventures and crazy things I’d love to do!

It turns out I have to postpone the moving, and stay In the South Bay Area after all. Even thought I am sad about not being able to move , I am super excited about all the trips I am currently planning! Make sure you are subscribed to my youtube account! To catch up on my life and all my adventures and if your interested in beauty and fashion I also have a lot of those videos coming up! We have all heard the saying oldies but goodies. If you haven’t its okay , let me explain. An oldie is something that hasn’t died out . it can be an object or a style etc. Here are some of my oldies but goodies. I can’t explain how long Ive had this diary . Its probably the only thing that keeps me sane from my crazy life. And by crazy I mean trying to fit everything into one. I got this rack from Ikea and decided to clean my closet up. I found so many items that I had gotten great deals on that I decided to do a thrift haul blog post! And maybe Vlog video!

I hope you guys enjoyed todays post!

Love ya!