Summer prints!

Hey guys! Happy Hump day! It is of course Wednesday, and I thought I’d bless this blog with another blog post. Except this time it’s going to be mainly about body positivity. I personally am super touchy about this subject and lately I have been trying to perfect all my pictures to an extreme extent. The outcome of that was completely negative and I personally have always had big hips and curves . I’m also a bit on the thick side but I love my body and you all should as well!

Moving on Dianna, before we completely go on a rant.. SUMMER IS COMING! Which means more floral prints and brighter colors. I also decided to put some of my favorite pieces together and I hope you all get a little bit of Inspo from these outfits! So get out of your sweats at home and have a little me time . Especially if you just got done with finals, enjoying the summer weather wherever you all are!





Organization At It’s Finest!

Lets face it! We are all NOT organized. Well maybe some of you try and stay organized but we all get super busy with our daily lives that when we get home that pile of clothes is haunting us . Ive had those days before, I’m either too busy or I am just living life !

Well not today! Today I want to share my tips on how to stay organized .

Here are my top 5 tips on staying organized!

  1. Put everything away as soon as you get home, none of us ever do that because we all get super carried away. But its time to at least try it! 
  2. Make your bed when you wake up, I hate this one and I completely suck at it but theres something about making my bed that gets me smiling in the morning.


3. Keep something to write with handy! It works! I always have a list of things I need to do especially with blogging, I constantly have new ideas !


4.Make a to-do list for the day, If you guys go to school just add it to your daily planner!

5. Keep your planner up-to-date. If you don’t have a planner , get one ASAP ;Target, Walmart etc they all have these planners to stay organized! That way your brain will be able to take a break.


I hope all of you take at least 1 tip from this list and try it out, I promise it will make the difference!